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White Structure

This patched horse is made of dead teak roots or relics from discarded farmer's equipment  or from broken equipment that no longer in use or scrap wood from building a house from create different furniture and those who do it collect it. Therefore brought to polish to look new.  They are assembled into various animal shapes, which are durable, strong, stable and can be used to decorate various places in your area of a residential house or decorate various 
business locations such as resorts, hotels, restaurants to enhance feng shui and look amazing for any guest.

Drift wood horse
Giant Horse - Trojan Horse
 Giant Drift wood horse

The biggest wooden horse that we made was height  3 meters from the feet to the spine. It has a great height and a length of 5 meters.
The head or , tail or feet can be removed for easy transport. It take 3 months to work on it. 

Drift Wood Animal4.jpg


Drif wood porcupine,  teak root porcupine
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