What is Affiliate Marketing?

Updated: May 8, 2020

Brian Littleton, SEO ShareASale.com siad

"I’ve worked in Affiliate Marketing since the year 1999, and this question has followed me for the entire 15 year period.  I’ve explained it to friends, family, and even some to-be employees any number of times…

The truth is, Affiliate Marketing may sound like a new word or new concept – but the basic principles have been in play for decades (if not centuries).

As an introduction to this publication – I’ll start out with the most basic of definitions and then show you step-by-step how that definition expands and impacts how a retailer can use Affiliate Marketing to its maximum potential.

When you think of advertising – you think of a publisher being paid to display a product or service on their media.  Going back a few years – that typically meant either a TV station, radio, or print (magazines and newspapers).   As time moved on, media began to include the internet as well.

The fundamental difference between advertising and Affiliate Marketing – is how any individual publisher is paid for their efforts.    

Where to earn passive income by affiliate marketing?

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