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Sawaddee kha, Welcome to visit our website. We are importers,  and import products from Thailand. We service for importing for Thai and American customers to import product over sea from Thailand and arrangement  to your any place in the State of America. 

Teak Root Horses

We import horses made from unused teak roots. Then, it is assembled by qualified and experienced craftsmen in Thailand who work in this field together to design poses and find decorative elements to create the shape of the horse's posture that is life-like and has an elegant demeanor. It is appropriate to be a beautiful decoration in your workplace whether it is a storefront, front of business location, hotel or resort.  It is auspicious and promotes Feng Shui in your business affairs. In the present we have imported it into the United States and are available on sale in Salmon,  Idaho and  beyond the our Thailand export company also exported the same products to our customers in California.

teak root  wood Horse 451.jpg
Drift wood horse, teak root horses
Drift Wood Animal4_edited.jpg
Drift Wood Horse


We import wood carvings and various home decoration products from Thailand. and provide general merchandise import services for Thai and American customers who wish to import other products from Thailand by over sea as well. Our company was founded in 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
And now we have expanded our services to another location in Salmon, Idaho.

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